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Content marketing and recycling: updating and republishing 

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 First of all, from the level of detail, which is essential to attract the attention of the target audience; furthermore, the content must be update and distribute on the appropriate channels, i.e. those that most easily reach the buyer persona .   

Usually, creating quality content means starting from scratch: an initial idea, in-depth research, possible interviews, drafting, icing and, finally, publication. However, there are situations in which it is not necessary to start from a blank page , but it may be advisable to reuse already existing contents with adequate precautions. This shows the relationship between content marketing and recycling.  

The questions we ask ourselves are essentially two

The simplest and most common case, which is frequently encounter, is updating already publish content. Whatever the topic cover. new research, market data, new perspectives or different ways to solve the pains to which the Denmark Phone Number List content refers always emerge. If so, updating is a must for the content to overcome the challenges of time. 

 SEO survey could be carri out to understand which of the articles position best on specific keywords (and therefore probably the most read) actually ne a content restyling, and then carry it out without influencing the results already obtain.

Assuming that the exact science dwells elsewhere

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 I consider it very dangerous, for example, to modify an H1 title if it is not strictly necessary, or to eliminate or ruce information corresponding to the search intent only because it is “outdate If anything, having discover the intent, it is precisely there that the piece needs to be strengthened and updated.  

In this way, it is possible to adopt a preventive Business Lead approach and prevent content from competitors , perhaps more recent, from somehow overtaking us in the rankings. Another modus operandi, this time reactive, consists in verifying which contents have actually been penalized by the search engine in the last period, so as to enrich them (not simply “extend them”) with valuable information and probably enhance their visibility.  

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