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A fairly high level of digital literacy. Every day the volume of unwanted incoming companies where there is a solution that has ceased to be updated will increase. If you do not limit this garbage flow What do Russian developers think According to Mikhail Pribochiy managing director of Kaspersky Lab in Russia and the CIS there is no doubt that companies will look for replacement solutions for both protecting corporate mail and Internet gateways for scanning incoming and outgoing traffic. Mikhail Pribochiy Kaspersky Lab: In March alone the demand for these two classes of systems increased fivefold in each of the areas.

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At the same time the proportion of unwanted messages in email traffic remains at a high level. It makes up almost half of all incoming emails every year. For example in it was .% and the AntiPhishing system prevented more than million clicks on phishing links. Our technologies allow you Macedonia Mobile Number List to cut off spam block malicious messages containing viruses and phishing addresses and control the transmission of data via email It is important to remember that spam is not only informational garbage but also letters that can allow you to steal data and money. These are for example messages that contain a link to a supposedly legitimate but in fact fake resource.

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Often attackers use in texts as hooks to attract the attention of the user the names of banks large companies online stores. If the attack is aimed not only at an individual but at the entire infrastructure of the company then such a letter can be the first step towards infecting Business Lead internal systems or machines. In one of the worst scenarios ransomware can be distributed through spamming blocking access to sensitive data. The successful use of such software seriously disrupts business processes resulting in large monetary and reputational losses.