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How to Create TikTok Content

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Although social meia has been around for two decades. It’s constantly changing as trends come and go and new platforms enter the market. Recently. There’s been a massive shift toward video content. Linke to the rise of tiktok. As a result. Users have come to expect snappy. Engaging videos in their social meia fees. But it’s not just a tiktok phenomenon: instagram reels. Facebook stories. And youtube shorts are all becoming adept at presenting short video content. Video content now has a greater organic reach than imagery and tiktok is creating a community of passionate content creators

How can you create video content

 But how can you create video content that tiktokers will engage with and give your brand a voice on the platform? Why should you choose tiktok? New brands entering the market are likely to gravitate towards tiktok. There’s a real opportunity for new brands to succee on the fastest-growing social meia platform with 3 billion downloads and revenue of $4.6 billion in 2021. A 142 percent increase year-on-year. According to the business of apps. After all. There are fewer ads on tiktok. So you have less competition. According to peter shannon of social meia agency simply social who spoke on the dmi podcast.

10 ways to create great tiktok content

For every ten ads on facebook and instagram. There’s one ad on tiktok. So. There’s real potential to get your product or brand seen so it’s an affordable time to advertise on tiktok. 10 ways to create great tiktok content so you see the value in tiktok and want to establish your brand on the platform? Here are our top ten tips to get your content seen on tiktok: create quality content that will grow organically deliver the right amount of content plan your content know what’s trending make it fun be inspire by others understand the algorithms have the right gear repurpose tiktok content on other platforms work with influencers and creators

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