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An indicator of customer churn

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Revenue To understand what is happening with your VIP audience (whether it is growing or decreasing) allows the Customer Intelligence Platform . It can segment customers and analyze data in dynamics, and also allows you to track the main metrics: revenue, average check, retention rate, customer lifetime value, etc. Retention Strategy: 5 Effective Tricks to Grow Retention Rate Since VIP clients are highly profitable, you can put more money into a retention marketing campaign than other customer segments. For example, you can resort to calling each VIP client to get feedback. Personalize your next steps Customization of offers, personal approach to each customer is the key to the prosperity of any business.

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It is necessary to stand out from the general “noise” and make offers to buyers that will be most relevant to their needs and interests. The process of choosing the right product should UAE Mobile Number List be quick and comfortable, so each person should receive their own version of the site with recommendations that change in real time, taking into account the actions and interests of the buyer. For example, on the main page of the Siberian Wellness online store, widgets with recommendations have been introduced, designed to attract new customers, as well as regular customers who have managed to prove themselves on the site.

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The first group of buyers, about whom the store “does not know” yet, has the opportunity to get acquainted with bestsellers, and the second group of people who already have a history of behavior and purchases are offered an additional block of personal Business Lead recommendations based on their interests: Retention Strategy: 5 Effective Tricks to Grow Retention Rate Keep all your promises and give useful advice Advertising surrounds people everywhere, and customers are already fed up with its tricks. Once realizing that the company does not fulfill its promises, the client will easily end the relationship with her.

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