I get a salad from Picnic and we eat lunch at the office with Mari

At 10:00 Kick-off meeting with the client. We go through what we are going to do (social media and Google AdWords advertising), we go through Afghanistan Phone Number List practical things and we also hear about the history of the company. We are excited the summer for to start cooperation with an interior design and furniture store! Even my eyes wander “a little” to all the wonderful coffee tables and other furniture… You have to come here again with time to look for all the nice things at home.

We are talking about much

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start planning a content plan for a new client. We want to invest in good content and we demand planning. Designing content is one of my favorite things. Well planned is half done

customer comes to the website usage training, the Business Lead pages start to be ready and the purpose is that the customer will be able to update the pages themselves in the future.

write a blog post for a client. Blog customers the summer for are especially nice, and we always try to recommend blog production to almost all customers, because a high-quality blog has several benefits for the company. We invest in search engine optimization and with the help of the Yoast tool we ensure that our texts are search engine optimizable, but in such a way that they are naturally forward-looking.