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Just copy the URL and paste it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. or use the social icons below. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. Heartfelt thanks . Have a nice day!  Google ranking? Here’s how I can help you.What you find in this article: My Website Can’t Be Found: The Internet’s Oldest Story My website does not appear on Google – Case 1 My website does not appear on Google – Case 2 My website does not appear on Google – Case 3 Being first on Google, the difference between indexing and positioning.


Why isn’t my Wix site showing up on Google? Help! Why is my website not appearing on search engines? I entered my name and my website does not appear in the first search results. Why can’t I find my site on the internet? No, I’m not talking about MY website. I’m talking about whatsapp mobile number list YOURS! -on-Google Easy Web Marketing This is a great classic of digital marketing literature. Attention! There is a clear difference between appearing on Google and being first on Google . Appearing on Google = find your website among Google search results. In relation to a certain phrase or word typed on the search bar, Google returns one of the pages of your website.

Your webpage and entered

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It means that Google bots have crawled  it into their database. Technically your page has been crawled and indexed . vs Being first on Google = finding a page of your website directly in first position or among the first Google search results (always in relation to a certain phrase or Business Lead keyword). This is the first page position for organic and unpaid search results. Technically we speak of positioning . If your website doesn’t appear on Google and you still have doubts, I’ll explain the difference between indexing and positioning later on . But now let’s see why your website usually doesn’t appear on Google: Google hasn’t indexed.

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