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Finding a job is not easy, but with LinkedIn

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structure of the site was not design for him. Ideally, the information or content that the user requires is just a few clicks away. For example, with Google Analytics you can identify how users behave on a website. YOU MAY BE INTERESTIN: UCATIONAL VIDEO – 7 TIPS FOR GOOD WEB DESIGN Additionally.  The website’s bounce rate will indicate when users abruptly leave the page . If it is very high, it means that there are elements that are not coordinat in harmony or that navigation is not practical and we should review design and architecture. ERRORS IN THE USER INTERFACE There are certain mistakes that will ruce our aspirations of having an excellent job with a good return on investment (ROI): Responsive

Making the website complicat and busy leads to

website: If our website does not adapt to mobile devices, it will not work and we will be doomto failure. Adaptability to mobile devices is the first feature we should check. Disorder: If we do not have a content strategy to publish organizly, we must begin to prepare it. This also includes the content architecture. Since it is where the information will be found within the web page or website and is essential  Business Lead to improve the user experience. Broken links: Check that the links on the website rirect to existing pages. It is very unpleasant to click on a link that interests us and it sends us the “Error 404 not found” message. Furthermore, this means

An unoptimized web page generates loading delays,

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arelessness, since the company does not verify what it shares through its social channels nor is it aware of what happens on its website. Heavy images: An unoptimizweb page generates loading delays. So it is essential that we have all our images of high quality. but optimizor their weight. Low quality images: The images we Place on our website must be of quality. If we do not have the ability to take good photos, it is better that we invest in hiring a photographer. Let’s remember that the image is worth a thousand words and that effectiveness will help us convert users into recurring customers who will recommend us if we perform well. Errors in browsers:   Business Lead Sometimes, some web pages do not load correctly in all browsers. This is a technical error that can prevent hundrXs of visits because it doesn’t look the right way. It is Business lead

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