Conclusions: which KPIs for B2B

As we have seen, the company KPIs connect to lead generation activities are many and often to be monitor in a systemic and interconnect way. Having full visibility of the funnel , keeping track of all the information, is often one of the biggest but at the same time crucial challenges in order to give value to the investment made in the marketing area and analyze any problems in the sales process. This will allow us, through the right attribution systems, to estimate Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Sales Cycle Time, Life Time Value (LTV) and Churn Rate of each channel and lead generation campaign, thus giving us the opportunity to be able to evaluate overall the effectiveness of our business model and in particular of our sales mechanism.

Development costs

During Lead Generation activities, the ne may arise to review the template of a Landing Page or make changes to the code to optimize active campaigns. This implies Azerbaijan Phone Number List unexpected costs which obviously cannot be calculate at the start of the project, except by imposing a cost ceiling.
Website makeover cost . During the project, the ne may arise to raise the bar, redefining one’s value proposition or one’s corporate identity : one of the classic activities is the design of a new architecture for one’s website, with obviously unpredictable costs first.

Supporting the customer on lead generation

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Plug-in costs . Platforms like WordPress involve continuous updates, maintenance and insertion of security plug-ins which involve monitoring by experts, obviously expensive
Hosting cost . Where is our site locat? On a Business Lead hosting, of course. Which isn’t free. From experience, when a new project starts, it is advisable to be as transparent as possible; for example, through a briefing that allows everyone’s needs to be fully understood and explored, through well-detail questions from which doubts and investment capabilities can emerge . This activity is important to avoid undermining the relationship of trust with the customer.