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One of the most effective customer retention and information gathering strategies. But not all retailers make the use of discount cards convenient for their holders it happens that buyers do not know about the size of the discount on their card and do not feel the practical benefits of using it. The WESTLAND online store decided to make the use of its loyalty cards as convenient as possible for regular customers by including card information in the email newsletter the amount of the client’s personal discount and the amount by which goods must be purchased to increase the percentage of savings. Today we will talk about how adding information about the loyalty card to letters allowed the WESTLAND.

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Email sent RPE byThe history of the WESTLAND denim and casual clothing brand began in America back in the s of the XX century and in the s the brand’s products appeared in Russia. The WESTLAND concept which combines the traditions of classic Country Email List denim with a fashionable and comfortable casual style gained popularity among Russian buyers which allowed the company to build a wide retail network in the s and launch online trading in the s.  letter RPE by adding information about the loyalty card to the mailing list Retail Rocket specialists developed an email template with a special welcome text a block with the store’s bestsellers personalized based on the user’s interest and information about the discount on goods with their loyalty card.

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Each product with the exception of items that are not subject to an additional discount was marked with a price including a personal discount on the card and at the bottom of the letter there was information indicating the size of the current discount and the amount by which goods Business Lead must be purchased to increase it. Loyalty cards in email newsletters WESTLAND case study and . revenue growth Hypothesis Adding information about the effective percentage of the discount and the amount by which you need to purchase products to increase it will attract the attention of buyers due to the possibility of receiving benefits. It will also encourage them to make additional purchases by setting a specific tangible goal and activating achievement motivation the desire to improve.

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