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I received a question from a coaching student about how I once started marketing my first digital product, which was an e-book related to finances. In this post, I will tell you how the marketing and sales of my first digital product went. Marketing and sales of the first digital product At the very beginning, I want to say that I was shocked by how much marketing actually has to be done.  the idea that everyone would want to buy my e-book as long as I published it. I came down from the cloud castles in a hurry when I realized that I really have to work to make my voice heard on social media.

I was kind of stuck with

 Sales page I made a sales page for the product according to the instructions of . Version 387 of the sales page can be seen here(the page has been disabled new database because the sale of the e-book has been stopped). There are actually quite a shocking number of versions, because I could edit the sales page five times in one day. At the very beginning, I was completely fanatical about that sales page, because  whether there would be a sale or not. However, the truth is different, and I will return to it more in another post. The product should have its own separate sales page and even more so that it is on its own domain.

I imagined that it alone would determine

 Of course, in the case of courses, this becomes a challenge if you have several courses on several different domains, in which case students have several Business Lead  credentials for different sites or course platforms. If possible, build one online store and course platform with your own domain and a separate sales page for each product with your own domain. In this way, you can redirect from each sales page to the same online store and one course platform. Also read this: Experiences with course platforms after 7 years of digital entrepreneurship 17 elements Register statement and data protection Sale time The sales period of digital products can be either campaign-style, i.e. limited (e.g. 7–14 days) or continuous. 

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