As Well As Projects For Import

As Well As Projects For Import Substitution Of Office Software. So On The Data Transmission Network And The Transport Network Of Any State Customer It Is Quite Possible To Use Switches From Russian Vendors. Here We Cooperate With Qtech And Eltex Companies. I Would Like To Note That Eltex’s Many Years Of Efforts To Build Itself As A Leading Domestic Vendor Have Been Crowned With Success. Recently. There Has Been An Explosive Growth In Requests For Video Conferencing Programs. We Offer Our Customers Videoconferencing Systems Based On The Products Of Russian Companies Iva Technologies And Vinteo Which Already Have An Extensive Installed Base. And At The Same Time We Are Studying The Products Of Beginners In Our Opinion Promising Developers.

To Talk Not About Import Substitution But About

Things Are Much More Complicated With The Import Substitution Of Components For Computing Infrastructure. In General We Are Ready – We Have Experience And Expertise – To Implement Data Storage Systems On The Equipment Of Aerodisk Aquarius Find Your Phone Numbers Yadro Perhaps The Main Players In This Segment Today. We Also Have Some Progress With Equipment Based On Baikal And Elbrus Processors. But Here It Is Not Yet Very Clear How It Will Turn Out: On The One Hand Manufacturers Have Fallen Under Sanctions And On The Other Hand.

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The Import Independence Of Our Country

Customers Themselves Prefer Or More Precisely Preferred More Classical Architecture. Nor Is It Easy With Operating Systems And Virtualization Software. After All Vmware And Microsoft Occupy % Of Our Market. Customers Found Themselves In A Difficult Business Lead Situation: All Russian Consumers Have Their Personal Accounts Turned Off They Cannot Download. Updates They Cannot Open A Case Cannot Use Purchased Long-term Technical Support. We Are Also Seriously Working On This. So For Example Now We Are Simultaneously Testing Four Domestic Solutions With Our Customers: Rosplatform Astra Linux Viola Rosa. But Everything Related To Information Security Is Likely To Become Domestic In The Near Future. I Think That A Little Time Will Pass And It Will Be Possible.

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