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Such schemes work primarily for representatives

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OF the Security Council of the Russian Federation on May attached particular importance to information security issues. This is not surprising: since the end of February almost all sectors of the Russian economy have been subjected to severe pressure in cyberspace: from the public sector to the media. So already at the end of February DDoS attacks were carried out on the websites of Kommersant TASS RBC Izvestia Forbes and Fontanka. Even then the capacity of some attacks exceeded Gb / s which was the power limit recorded by Rostelecom specialists. According to Kaspersky Lab the company repelled . times more DDoS attacks in February than in the same period in with more than of them occurring between February and . In addition to DDoS hackers began to actively use phishing.

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This type of attack was dangerous even before February : according to Positive Technologies last year of company employees clicked on links from phishing emails and entered Kuwait Mobile Number List credentials. And if since the end of February the number of attacks on individuals has decreased by more than % then the number of attacks on businesses has increased manifold. Previously scammers many of whom were abroad were interested in withdrawing user funds to their accounts but after Visa and Mastercard were disabled this method became impossible Kommersant’s interlocutors in the cybersecurity market explain.

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The attention of hackers focused on the commercial data of Russian companies . For a guaranteed result many hackers began to use targeted mailings disguised as Business Lead messages from specific colleagues as well as news on topical issues that could arouse the user’s interest and lull his vigilance. For example in the texts of the letters expressions such as reduction of the company’s staff or management’s appeal in connection with the current situation were used. The success of such attacks is due to social tension and instability.

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