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Ways to Tell a Lead From an Inquiry

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Trading with minimal margins in order to only “stake out the clearing behind them and keep competitors out. Business in our country also reason somewhat straightforwardly: why invest money human resources and time in the development of hardware and software when in the West everything has long been invent and debugg and vendors and integrators offer turnkey solutions that have long been test in global companies of a similar sectors? And this approach goes far beyond IT just remember the aircraft industry the automotive industry and even light industry comments Ruslan Rakhmetov CEO of Security Vision. – Returning to IT solutions that are urgently requir in the current conditions we can answer that not some specific solutions are ne (almost all of them already exist and are successfully.

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Operat but rather a single ecosystem of convenient products that are compatible with each other is ne as well as equipment and protective equipment. In aition from an organizational point of view an immiate process of migration from the usual working foreign solutions to domestic Sweden Phone Numbers List counterparts is probably in demand however shrinking budgets and a lack of IT specialists train to work with Russian software can significantly slow down this process. “ The departure of Western companies from the market means that not only the activities of a particular company are terminat but technologies methods well-establish business processes as well as people and their expertise are leaving. Ruslan Rakhmetov (Security Vision) Whether it hurts or not.

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The departure of foreign vendors has had a painful effect on customers from all industries but it will be easier for someone to overcome it like for example the public sector which has been living in the software import substitution paradigm for several years and it will Business Lead be harder for someone else. “In the risk zone is the market for complex enterprise automation and the cloud market. As well as companies in any industry that us or maintain resource planning systems from the German vendor SAP a long-term leader in the Russian market of ERP systems. As a result of the sanctions updates and global support will not be available to Russian customers and contractors of SAP implementations. The departure of Western vendors will be less painful for.

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