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OFdomestic software and has a FSTEC certificate

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MSS market is growing at an average of % per year. According to Ruslan Kosarim one of the most important market development trends is controlle detection and response. The nee for MDR or SOC services due to the development of malware and the increase in the scale of attacks is growing and will continue to grow. Another trend is the collaboration of vendors and experts. The combination of a functional vendor product and the high professionalism of engineers is the key to the success of a high-quality and efficient service. And the third trend is the outsourcing of cybersecurity for new technologies: it is easier and cheaper to outsource the security of microservices cloud infrastructure data lakes than to grow your own competence.

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Don’t ban control A focus on incident prevention often backfires. You can write down the rules and carefully monitor their implementation but in practice you will still encounter false positives and an increase in the load on information security says Andrey Arbatsky Northeast Mobile Phone Number List  Staffcop representative in Moscow and the Moscow Region. In his opinion it is much more efficient to investigate incidents – management should know what the employee is doing during working hours and this allows them to understand what to prepare for. Staffcop offers tools with which you can understand.

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what data an employee processes where he sends it what resources he visits with whom he interacts in the process of work including from a personal mailbox . Staffcop technologies Business Lead also allow you to control remote employees: how much time do they spend doing work and how much time do they spend on personal nees? You can calculate people who are actively looking for work. Base on the analysis of search queries it is possible to learn about their problems and offer help. The solution was create on the basis of Open Source is include in the register.

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