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Get Software Leads and Business Appointments

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IS to find the right one among them. The same with mailing lists the retailer always wants to cover the widest possible range in letters and tell about all the promotions that are taking place. But the user’s attention cannot cover all products and promotions which is why it is so important to monitor the relevance of offers in emails for each client. Personal recommendations in email newsletters allow you to show the subscriber suitable product items in accordance with his current interests which will make it much easier for him to choose a purchase.

Software Telemarketing A Very Beneficial

The study of the effectiveness of personal recommendations in mass mailings was carried out using A/B testing mechanics. All email recipients were randomly UK Mobile Number List divided into two segments in real time . Segment A was sent a standard email campaign. How Personal Recommendations in Bulk Emails Helped Increase Conversion by . ELC Russia Case Study . Segment B was sent letters with an additional block of personal recommendations. If the user did not have a browsing history recommendations for popular store products were sent to him. How Personal Recommendations in Bulk Emails Helped Increase Conversion by.

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How To Generate Qualified Leads With B2B

ELC Russia Case Study results As a result of testing the following results were obtained Increase in CTR Conversion Growth Order Growth Revenue Growth Segment A Segment B. Statistical confidence . Conclusion Personal product recommendations in email newsletters Business Lead can significantly increase conversion rates and online store revenue. Adding a block of personal recommendations to the email newsletter of the online store allowed us to achieve an increase in all key metrics CTR increased by . Conversion increased by . ; The number of orders increased by .; The increase in revenue amounted to  Thus personal recommendations help the online store to make the email channel more effective and mailing lists more interesting for subscribers. Comment from ELC Russia.

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