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Education Marketing With Google Products

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IN the global distribution by industrythe high-tech sector also ranks first with a share of about . Here are just some of the incidents of recent years in our country and in the world. In March the information security service of Yandex.Food revealed an information leak. As a result of unfair actions of one of the employeesthe phone numbers of customers and information about their orders were published on the Internet: composition delivery timeand so on. Laterthe database was supplemented – and on the same resource there were solid dossiers on Yandex food users including data from the traffic police database and information about profiles from other services.

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The traffic policeVTBAvito and a number of other companies from the list denied the information about a possible leak and stated that all of the indicated data was in the public domain and was New Zealand Phone Numbers List  collected through conventional archival parsing. According to RBCin June the base of Rostelecom employees appeared on the network: namespositionscorporate mail addresses and phone numbers of employees. Rostelecom continues to investigate the leak and consider one of the former employees involved in the incident. In a major leak occurred in the social service Whisper. Attackers gained access to million records.

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IN July the data of users of the Russian online store Ozon were publicly available on one of the sites. The company blamed the users for the incident: their passwords could have been stolen by virus attacks. In October the operator VimpelCom admitted the fact of a database leak Business Lead of its customers with information about millions of wired Internet subscribers. According to the attackersthe database includes about million records: contract numbers full namesaddressescontact numbers. Absolutely all industries are subject to the risk of leakage of confidential or highly sensitive informationbut not to the same extentemphasizes Alexander Dvoryanskydirector of special projects at Angara Security.

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