How fire, electricity and the Internet can change the world 

Dear Marketers, artificial intelligence is not that far from our work, indeed! It could give us a valid help: we just need to embrace this revolution which, to be honest, has already begun for some years.  In summary, these are the words of “comfort” that Dale Bertrand, President of Fire&Spark , pronounced on the occasion of Inbound 2022, the hybrid event that took place in Boston some time ago. His speech impressed me deeply and I would like to bring you the main focuses he explored in his speech. 

Marketing and AI

Thanks to its multiple algorithms, from deep learning to predictive analytics, image recognition and many others, Artificial Intelligence has all the credentials to bring about a significant breakthrough in the future that awaits us. If in the 1950s it was Armenia Phone Number List a pioneering technology, in the 2000s, thanks also to the advent of the Internet, it was able to contribute to the management and governance of all data that would otherwise have remained unexplored. Then we come to the present day where AI is everywhere: from unlocking our smartphone with facial recognition, to the Amazon package that arrives with a drone up to the involvement of Alexa or Siri in the daily management of our commitments. 

What really changes with AI for those involved in Marketing

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With these giant leaps in the tech field, marketing can also evolve and move towards what everyone is waiting for: learning how to improve the management of the tools in our possession thanks to data analysis and the constant interaction of our customers/consumers .

  But what does it actually mean to analyze data and Business Lead interact with your customers? In fact, everyone already does it with their own tools! In reality, the tools in our possession are used to a minimal extent compared to their potential. Basically, every marketing automation platform has elements of AI capable of supporting our work.