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How to stand out from competitors and be more effective 

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Modern marketing is a more or less synergistic ecosystem of different professionals, roles and activities, but with many points of contact .  It is not easy, even for those who work in this field, to understand the essence of the various activities and specialist roles that have arisen over the years and which, in fact, contribute to the recognition and success of a brand, a product or a service. Since we realiz that content is king even online, there is no doubt that it should be design according to the needs of those who will use it.  So far, all easy. But to de-trivialize the topic, what is the distance between content design, content management, content writing, content strategy, UX writing and UX design, copywriting and the like?  

 The (central) role of content design in B2B 

Content design is the activity of designing any type of content, the aim of which is to provide the user with what he needs in the most effective form and in the best possible way.  

To give a simple but eloquent example, defining Iceland Phone Number List the (content) structure of a product Q&A is a form of content design aim at ensuring that the user immiately finds the request information and in a language he understands. Clearly, the designer’s responsibilities are much broader than this, since he works end-to-end on the customer/user journey and must ensure that at all stages the contents provided are adequate to the upstream need.   

Content design for companies

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Usually, the designer is also the author of the content, which can be a text, an image, a video or a hybrid and innovative form; in any case, it arises Business Lead following an in-depth research activity relating to the public to which the content is addressed. By doing so, the role of him moves away from: 

Compared to UX Designers, the distance is quite clear but collaboration is essential because content design serves to provide the right content where the user expects to find it and is therefore an essential element of the experience in a broad sense. 


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