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Fashion retail is the need to adapt to changing customer tastes depending on the season and fashion trends. No two people are the same especially when it comes to clothing. This means that there is simply no universal configuration for product recommendations on the website of an online store. The ideal solution would be to show each user personalized options for the pages of the online store according to their personal interests. Buyers experience the most positive emotions from interacting with the brand when they see on the site exactly the products they came for.

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Personalized product recommendations allow the brand to significantly save the user’s time searching for the right model and offer additional items that may also be of interest to him. We tell how the introduction of personal recommendations on all pages of the site allowed the Canada Mobile Number List online store to increase revenue by more than . Zarina is a Russian brand of women’s clothing and accessories founded in . Buyers highly appreciated the combination of classic style and relevant details affordable price and high quality of the brand’s products which made it possible to open over Zarina offline stores in Russia. In the brand launched an online channel. Category page Case.

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Testing recommendations on the category page If the product recommendations on the main page of the store are needed in order to interest the user at a glance then the recommendations on the category page serve as an index that helps to show the best and most interesting Business Lead from the assortment of the department taking into account the user’s real-time preferences and product popularity. The main task of the category page is to encourage the user to go to the next stage of the customer journey to the product card. In order to determine which configuration of recommendation blocks in a category is most effective for the audience of the Zarina . run website Retail Rocket’s Growth Hackers tested several options.