Identification of the reference figures: the Buyer Personas

After carefully analyzing the solutions and establishing which companies you want to involve, you move on to defining the subject you want to refer to. We will start by identifying his role within the company, both as a working position and as a decision-making authority, we will develop a hypothesis of his typical working day and what the tasks inherent to him are. Finally, we will proceed with the most complex part: it is necessary, in fact, to understand what the subject’s problems, needs and objectives are.

Each user who is looking for something

will have a goal to achieve, which may be link to a question of racing working hours, improving results, increasing turnover or other multiple factors.

To complicate the achievement of these objectives, there will be problems related to the rigidity of the corporate structure, reduced financial resources.

obsolete hardware and/or software and so on. It is UK Phone Number List precisely at this point that the needs of the subject are revealed, those needs that the potential buyer makes

his own and on which marketing strategies must be based in order to be able to convince him that the solution proposed to him is the optimal one to help him in his work.

And that’s why the Buyer Personas

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which help us understand the customer’s needs, are vital in defining a marketing strategy .

In recent years, marketers have grappled with a Hamletic doubt: which strategy is more effective for lead generation? Better inbound marketing or outbound marketing?

With the new purchasing process, the Inbound method, tailor-made Business Lead for the customer, seemed capable of replacing the more traditional Outbound method, but has it turned out to be exactly the case?

A survey conducted by Act-On in collaboration with Demand Metrics  has dispelled any doubts on the matter.