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OFupdates very soon. Why it is important to use different merchandising strategies on desktop and mobile: Eldorado case 10 Feb 2021 Intro Eldorado When choosing a product, the buyer rarely makes a purchase instantly. As a rule, he studies the characteristics, reviews, compares the offer with analogues. Especially when it comes to technology, electronics and other serious purchases. More than one day is spent on the choice, and, of course, during this time the buyer manages to switch between different devices several times. The task of the retailer is to provide the buyer with a seamless shopping experience and convenience both on the desktop and in the mobile version.

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It is important to understand that since customer behavior varies across devices, product recommendations should also differ. That is, an online merchandising strategy needs to be developed for both desktop and mobile. About how market leaders solve this Romania Mobile Number List problem, in our today’s case with the Eldorado online store?. Figures and facts The Russian network of household appliances and electronics unites more than 500 stores in more than 200 cities. The monthly traffic of eldorado.ru is about 28 million. The online catalog contains several tens of thousands of products.

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The range covers almost all categories of home appliances and electronics. El Dorado Main tasks: Find solutions that will allow you to most effectively personalize offers in the desktop and mobile versions of the Eldorado online store; Provide a seamless shopping Business Lead experience using all customer data, no matter what device they use to make purchases; Increase the key indicators of the online hypermarket: conversion, revenue and average check. Why it is important to use different merchandising strategies on desktop and mobile: Eldorado case “Our network is one of the leaders in the electronics and home appliances segment on the Russian market To maintain this position, we are expanding.

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