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Very diverse. For example in the field

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Hat ensures the operation of critical functions in your company has cease to be update bugs are no longer fixe in it its functionality begins to lag behind the capabilities of similar products on the market without being update it carries increase information security risks – you can build work companies using such a solution? I think the answer is obvious. If you believe that soon all restrictions will be remove and the manufacturer of the solution that works for you will return to the Russian market you can probably get by with the old version for a short period. But if you still think that the withdrawal of foreign companies from the Russian market is a long-term phenomenon then of course you nee to look for alternatives now.

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The alternative is software of domestic production software of other foreign companies According to Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security most enterprises will not have any particular difficulties with foreign software it is enough to remember China Mobile Number List  and follow the import substitution policy announce eight years ago. Of course users of Western platforms will face certain difficulties in the operation and maintenance of solutions whose developer has left the Russian market. However since the vast majority of market participants have already seriously considere domestic solutions in the framework of import substitution.

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Therefore by now there are not so many companies that are completely tie to foreign platforms and resources. These are mainly branches and representative offices of foreign companies the expert says. Practically all categories and classes of existing solutions and software Business Lead products available on the market are also represente by Russian developers. However the level of readiness may differ depending on the class of the solution. Alexander Dvoryansky (Angara Security) Looking for an alternative The portfolio of IT solutions from Russian developers.

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