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How can I download Instagram stories

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To download Instagram stories on an Android. Therefore, device, you will find an app called. Download Instagram Videos in the Play Store (Google’s application store). Although its name refers only to videos. With this application you can download other types of Instagram content such as photos from the feed or Stories.

Once you download this application, it will appear with the name .“IG Downloader” and to download an Instagram Story you must follow these steps:

Therefore, Go to Instagram and search for the Story you want to download.
Copy the Story link by pressing the three dots icon. Therefore, that will appear at the top right of the story. And selecting “Copy link” from the drop-down menu.

How to download Instagram stories on Android

In other words, If you have an iPhone, you won’t find an app dedicated to downloading. Instagram Stories specifically, because the App Store company data has stricter. Rules regarding allowing apps that offer downloading of this type of content.

However, it is possible to download Instagram Stories from an. IPhone through the Safari browser and accessing a website created for this purpose called StoriesDown . These are the steps to follow:

Access StoriesDown through the Safari browser.
Type the name of the account from which you. Want to download the Story in the search bar of the page.
Press search.
You will be shown all the stories that the account has uploaded (that are still active) starting with the most recent to the oldest.
Press the “download” button that will be shown below each Story and accept the download.

How to download Instagram Stories on iPhone

In case you want to download photos from Instagram. In conclusion, and you don’t want to install any application Business Lead on your smartphone, I gram and Save Insta are two websites that can help you.

In conclusion, Both have the same operation, so we will explain the step by step to download Instagram photos from either of them, and then you can use the one you prefer.

Go to Instagram and search for the photo, Story, video or Reel you want to download. In conclusion,
Press the three dots button and then “copy link” or “link”.
Go to Save Insta or Igram and paste the post link.
Press “View” or “Download” depending on the page you have chosen. In conclusion, 
Wait a few seconds, and that’s it, you can download the content to your smartphone.

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