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The Kaspersky Lab Gateway is easy

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Rhis actually means a lack of protection. In a normal situation a rare employee thinks about network security. It just works. Today more than ever it is important to raise staff awareness: train them to be more attentive not to click on suspicious links. But no matter how much effort is invested in this process one must understand that employees leave and digital literacy is not a panacea. Attackers improve their methods and the entire company can be put at risk. The gateway acts as a safety wire allowing you to monitor the security of Internet access and reducing the impact of the human factor on corporate security.

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Before allowing a user to access a particular site the product checks whether the administrator has allowed access to this resource. It provides access only to those sites that are not recognized as malicious. For example if an employee receives a phishing link in a letter Ghana Mobile Number List he can click on it simply out of thought being in a state of time trouble or focusing on an important task. The task of the web gateway is to prevent this from being done. The gateway also differentiates access for example by categories of employees (employees of different departments) or by type of content: the ability to visit gaming sites and play is vital for a web video game developer an SMM manager needs access.

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To social networks and video hosting sites but an accountant of the same company does not nothing else. The principle of allow only what is necessary is perfectly applicable to controlled access to the Internet Worthy alternatives to the gateways of foreign vendors Business Lead are offered by several domestic companies among them are Kaspersky Lab Dreb and Usergate. The solution of Kaspersky Lab allows you to return the lost layer of protection to the infrastructure in the shortest possible time even if it has a complex geographically distributed infrastructure.

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