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For The Infrastructure Of Companies. We Also Recommend That You Do Not Delay Making Decisions And Integrating Products As Replacing An It Infrastructure Requires Time Effort And Resources. It Is Better To Take Care Of This In Advance And Be Proactive. Risk Prevention Requires A Well-designed Roadmap And Here The Best Solution Is To Turn To A Trusted It Solution And Service Provider Who Will Help You Through All The Stages From Audit To Deployment. Oleg Slyadnikov (Interprokom): The Most Important Task Of Any Enterprise In Any Situation Is To Ensure The Continuity And Stability Of The Enterprise. First Of All It Is Required To Quickly Analyze.

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The It Infrastructure And Determine Which Foreign It Technologies.  Serve Critical Processes But Are Disabled And No Longer Work. These Are Hot Spots Of Urgent Import Substitution In The Format Of Our Own Developments Or Domestic Vendors. Yes – Shock Yes – It Hurts Exit Mobile Phone Numbers But Everything Is Fixable. And Here Indecisiveness Is Inappropriate We Are Talking About. The Survival Of The Enterprise It Is Necessary To Mobilize All Resources For Such Projects And Boldly Launch Them. We Help Our Customers Draw Up An Import Substitution Roadmap Where We Reflect Short-term And Long-term Goals Help Identify Analogues.

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That Are As Close As Possible To The Required Functionality Take Into Account. The Possibility Of Their Integration Into The Infrastructure And A Number Of Other Important Factors. If A Foreign Vendor Whose Technologies Are Used By The Customer. Simply Fell Into Business Lead Suspended Animation But The Software And Hardware Systems Work Although. Updates And Technical Support Are No Longer Available Then This Is Not Critical In The Medium Term Since Performance Is Maintained Technical Support Can Be Provided By Business. Partners And As The Software Becomes Obsolete And The Equipment Fails. They Can Be Gradually Replaced With Russian Counterparts But Not In An .Emergency But In A Calmer Mode. In The Current Conditions It Is Imperative To Keep A Cold Mind And Not Hide Your Head In The Sand. Initially A Flurry Of Calls From Customers.