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IN their opinion and buying experience is part

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Into the store by chance in that he knows exactly what he needs. However, the found position may not meet his expectations: the wrong color, the wrong price, the lack of the right size and other parameters may cause the client to stop on the way to making a purchase. In this case, it is important to offer the client analogues in time – products that interested buyers who were looking for similar positions, so we implemented widgets with product recommendations. Recommendations on the search page Another common situation is when a client does not find the desired item in the store catalog. The so-called “empty search” can become a “stop” in the customer’s Customer Journey.

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Therefore, at this stage it is important to offer alternative recommendations, which, quite possibly, will be of interest to the client, motivating them to make a choice in favor of similar products in stock. Empty search We help you choose stylish new items Considering the specifics of Ukraine Mobile Number List the business niche in which the online boutique is developing, it is difficult to overestimate the section with new products, where actual fashion collections of clothes, shoes and accessories appear. It is important to help the client decide on the abundance of trending new products, so on this page he is shown recommendations based on his interests and preferences.

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For example, new products of a particular brand that the customer is a fan of. What’s new page We recommend products at discounted prices The client can find real fashion treasures and, at the same time, save on their purchase, on the promotions page in the online boutique. To make it easier for him to navigate through discounted products, here are a selection of recommendations based on his interests. Discount Page results Recommended products are present in more than 12% of orders on the site.

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