It can be done with e-mails

But what if, instead of the same content that you have already downloaded and read, a different content appeared , perhaps even related to what you have previously downloaded? Well, it would certainly attract your attention and it is very likely that you will decide to download that too.  This is possible and also easy to achieve with smart content.  But let’s go into detail for a moment and take a closer look at what they are.This is because, email offers a direct connection with the customer and the communication is perceived by the recipients as close.  

What are smart contents 

As we said before, smart contents are “intelligent modules” that change according to who uses them . They therefore give the possibility to dynamically customize texts, images, videos, etc. of e-mails, pop-ups, CTAs or landing pages according Japan Phone Number List to the characteristics of the user, such as age, lifecycle stage, country , interactions on the website and many others. 

We can say that they are the perfect union between content marketing, artificial intelligence and search marketing. 

Going back to the previous example, smart pop-ups can be created that show different contents (and therefore also through a different language and copy) depending on the user and certain characteristics. 

It can be done with landing

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And the same thing can be done with the calls-to-action that are inserted at the end of a blog post, to give the possibility to deepen a topic according to Business Lead what really interests the reader.  pages, which can thus have a specific language for the target they are addressed to., which can contain different materials depending on the user, what he has already used, but also his lifecycle stage, the pages visited on the site and many other variables. In addition to all this, what creates a connection better than a targeted and personalized content on the user.