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Tools integrate security tools etc. This trend will also be facilitate by initiatives from relevant departments and the professional community such as the creation of a Russian software marketplace the consolidation of software and hardware registries grants for the implementation domestic IT solutions. Despite the conflicting assessments of experts we see OpenSource as one of the dynamic areas in the field of transition to alternative solutions in the coming years. Accenture preicts that more than % of companies will use open source software in . This trend is facilitate by the mass withdrawal of Western software vendors from Russia the desire of customers to save on proprietary software. There are still many supporters of OpenSource solutions among large customers.

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However there are new challenges associate with the use of OpenSource. In particular due to restrictions on access to various OpenSource sites and communities the emergence of serious vulnerabilities (malicious code bookmarks etc.) in such solutions. Alexandra Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List Zalmanova (Softline): In recent years we have seen a multiple increase in the number of such projects. And if three years ago customers focuse on replacing automate workstations now the transition to virtualization and building an IT infrastructure base on products and solutions for the Russian market is relevant.

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The industry development strategy adopte in our country gave a powerful impetus to the development of Russian technologies and increase demand for them. Therefore the Russian IT sector will continue to transform. Russians warne about a new method of fraud Business Lead Angara Security: scammers. cheat Russians with lotteries for Android smartphones The fraudulent scheme with.  sending phishing emails has found a second wind: now in order to receive a cash prize potential victims are offered to send out an invitation to their friends to participate in the lottery and then receive their prize by downloading a special application for Android.