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From Lead to Marketing Qualified Lead

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In this phase it will be essential to analyze the relationship between Lead and MQL , a determining parameter for evaluating the performance of marketing activities and therefore very useful for being able to decide whether it is necessary to intervene with corrective actions. Through a more in-depth analysis of the channels, contents and Calls to Action (CTA) that generate the highest number of MQLs, we will therefore be able to have a clear vision of which areas to invest in and those in which to disinvest or change strategy.

 From Marketing Qualified lead to Sales Qualified Lead

Having ascertain that the lead is on target, the next step will be to bring our MQL to be a SQL , i.e. a lead theoretically ready to be contact by one of our sales representatives.

Before talking about the metrics to observe in order to Bahrain Phone Numbers List understand the readiness status of an MQL, however, it is important to make a premise. In fact, we will have to remember that every user who comes into contact with us through one of our multiple touchpoints will have a different state of awareness with respect to his problem, the alternative solutions found on the market with respect to that problem and our specific solution.

In this decision phase, the most important

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Once our MQL turns out to be quite engag and quite “informe” (eg: with an average high score), it will be important to proceed with a commercial Business Lead contact via email or telephone (always remembering to have a consultative approach).

KPIs are the relationship between MQL and SQL (i.e. the percentage of scheduled appointments), the response rate and the rate of non-interested people.

Keeping this in mind, it is clear that not all MQLs will be immediately ready to be contacted by a salesperson but will have to follow a personalized nurturing path based, for example, on their interests or the sector they belong to.

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