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Expert technical support for information security solutions will become available to Yandex Cloud clients — from the first line to full outsourcing. Cooperation with Angara Security expands the Yandex Cloud offer in the field of outsourcing maintenance and operation of domestic and foreign cybersecurity solutions for cloud infrastructure customers. A feature of Yandex Cloud is the ability to quickly migrate to it from any platform and from any cloud provider without losing data or suspending services.

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By combining the resources and technologies of Yandex Cloud with the expertise and experience of Angara Security it will become possible to jointly implement large-scale projects in the field of cybersecurity incl. for the secure migration of customers to the cloud. The Indian Phone Number List functionality of the cloud platform will allow Angara Security to organize a corporate data warehouse for customers increase the speed of developing a micro server architecture and also set up integration with other platforms without deploying and maintaining additional infrastructure. We consider it our duty or even duty to provide effective protection for the services and data of Russian companies in a rapidly changing reality.

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The emergence of the domestic platform Y andex Cloud opens up new business opportunities with the help of cloud technologies . Together we will be able to provide the best conditions for the implementation of corporate security for cloud platform customers said Russian Kowari Deputy General Director of Angara Security. One of the tasks of the Yandel Cloud platform is Business Lead to help businesses create reliable easy-to-manage and scalable applications and projects. It is especially important and sensitive for businesses to develop in a secure environment. We are actively developing cooperation with partners in the field of Security in order to offer our clients a greater number of specialized products and services to solve specific tasks in the field of cybersecurity emphasized Maria Anika nova Director of the Yandex Cloud Partner Department.