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Using Local Leads to Promote Local Meetings

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Management and PLM systems for managing the life cycle of production and products is being actively discuss. There are analogues of these solutions in Russia but their functionality differs from the usual one and requires significant improvement. Plus domestic solutions do not have uniform data transmission standards which means that there is an aitional task of integrating them. In aition the transition to domestic programs itself is a complex and slow process that requires resources time data import from current programs compatibility testing with the rest of the IT environment staff training etc. Both classes of these systems do not require immiate.

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Replacement since the majority of Western vendors announc the suspension of new sales and updates they promis to provide service support to current Russian customers. However businesses do have risks. Another area of ​​risk in the industry is manufacturing software and Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List software for engineering and production – CAD CAD process control systems software for programming machine tools. This is the most difficult software layer to replace with very few high-quality analogues concludes Vitaly Balanda (Reksoft).Angara Security Business Development Manager Anna Mikhailova: “Recent events have spurr the Russian software market and a number.

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OF new solutions will appear in the coming months Angara Security is ready to provide customers with both options for import substitution for existing information security tools and work out a comprehensive project of a security system bas on Russian software and  or Business Lead a transition strategy. The spe of migration directly depends on the complexity of the project and the possibilities of delivering hardware capacities all this is work out individually. Anna Mikhailova Business Development Manager at Angara Security talks about this. — Anna how much did you feel the trend towards import substitution in T.

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