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Favorable research reports to help corporate finance departments and retail departments engage in marketing activities. new question. The core issue of the enforcement agreement has previously been judged in court. Departments involving the conflicts of interest between investment banks and analysis of the top ten investment companies in the United States. The actions and practices of investment companies involved in settlement have caused their research analysts to be improperly affected by investment bankers in order to obtain generous expenses.

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[18] A typical violation resolved by settlement is the case of Credit First Boston Bank and   new database  Solomon Metro Corporation, who were accused of participating in the improper divestiture of the “ popular ”IPO and published a fraudulent research report, Violated the provisions of the 《 Securities and Exchange Law 》. In 1934. Pricing companies that plan to raise shares for the first time will usually appoint a lead manager ( called the account manager ) to help them determine the appropriate stock issuance price.

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There are two main ways to determine prices. The company will either determine   Business Lead  the price (“” fixed price method)( with the help of its lead manager, or determine the price “” by analyzing the confidential investor demand data compiled by the bookkeeping manager >TAG1> ) <TAG1>. Historically, the pricing of many first-time public offers has been underestimated. The effect of underpricing is to generate additional interest when the stock first public transaction and cause the stock price to rise rapidly ( to be called flow.

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