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Marketing project is similar to the previous

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In practical terms, what is the role of lead generation consultancy ? In fact, it serves to develop the strategy and design all the interventions  necessary to generate valuable contacts. No inbound  one or identical to one already tackled: the strategic the previous to approach must be totally customized according to the reference market, the business model, the operational one, the digital maturity and the activities that the marketing of the company is already carrying out autonomously. 

Lead generation consultancy and the first concrete results 

In this article, however, we talk about timing. That is, we are assuming that the lead generation consultancy has already formalized the strategic Cambodia Phone Number List plan of the project and laid the foundations for the start the previous to of the actual activities, complete with content production, publication on the various channels, support from the advertising and marketing automation.  

How long does it take for the first results to arrive? Is it a matter of weeks after publishing the gated content or does it take months.

Months since the start of the projects

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As usual, there is no simple nor quantitative answer , because the timing depends on many factors: to give an order of magnitude, we can say that in our Business Lead projects the first in-target leads usually arrive within a couple of  , but it is in any the previous to case a random and not very significant figure. What is certain is that the first important result is the previous precisely the in-target leads , i.e. those that reflect all the work of defining the buyer personas. Generating leads is not difficult, but ensuring that they have characteristics in line with the project objectives is quite another thing, hence the centrality of lead generation consultancy.  

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