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Marketing tool trigger captures absolutely all clicks on links that are on the site, as well as on all other elements that can be clicke.  Such triggers help to capture page views of the site. Other types. How to use Google Tag Manager triggers When you have chosen the type of trigger you nee, you nee to set up the activation conditions. To do this, select the desire variable and specify its purpose. findings Google Tag Manager is an application that helps you understand ad reach, traffic sources, browsing history, and allows you to view your customers’ accounts.

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Such an application will be a great addition to your site if you want to improve its performance, as well as reuce the burden on your employees. The ability to work through the application itself also helps to greatly photo editor simplify the work with the site. Google Tag Manager has a very clear interface, so working with it will be a pleasure. It is worth noting that this application is completely free and works on all available platforms, so you can work absolutely from any device. GTM will help you identify flaws in your site and base on this you can eit the site. Google will work almost on its own.

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Case of any malfunctions, you can manually configure the analytics. Regional SEO-promotion of the site in the TOP- Yandex and Google. TOP- SEO optimization chips for a corporate website and an online store throughout the Russian Feeration. Regional website promotion is very important when a business operates throughout Business Lead Russia. Any Internet resource seeks to attract new visitors, regardless of their status, financial situation and place of residence. But if your resource is a tool for selling goods or services, then the process of expanding your business on the Internet requires special attention and practical knowlege.