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Network Marketing Prospecting Might Literally

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Scammers offer to buy at a discount or get free in-game currency – crystals or gems. Coming from an advertisement or a blogthe user enters a page stylized as a well-known brand. He is asked to enter his personal datafor examplea nickname from a service or gamechoose an operating systemas well as bonuses for creditingsaid Yegorov. As a result of this schemeaccording to himusers lose access to their accountsand sometimes lose funds on bank cards. Fedor Muzalevskydirector of the technical department at RTM Groupnoted that today there are also similar malicious sites targeted at users of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and World of Tanks games.

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Evgeny Voloshindirector of the block of expert services BI.ZONEspoke in a similar way. Warface producer Stepan Gorokhov told Gazeta.Ru that the developer company monitors such sites on a regular basis and is working to ensure that such domains are blocked and disabled Spain Phone Numbers List as soon as possible. Howeverit is important to understand that the closure is on the side of the hosting ownerand access is not always restricted quicklime said. A trifle but unpleasant The scammers targeted Warface players due to the fact that this game uses a typical scheme in which the company earns not from selling copies of the project but.

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From additional content inside the gamewhich has a character leveling system under the hoodMuzalevsky explained. In order for the player to be able to open different types of weaponsyou have to spend a lot of time in the game and / or buy additional items Business Lead for real money. The game also has a store with goods designed to stylize weapons and characterswhich are also sold for rubles and other currencieshe said. Having stolen an account from the gamethe attacker evaluates the character and ammunition and turns to the victim with a ransom offer. According to Muzalevskythe amount that is asked from.

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