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At the same time according to Danil Borodavkin the withdrawal of Western companies should be viewed more broadly. Reduced competition for any market is bad. This is a turn towards stagnation. This is bad first of all for Russian vendors. Reduced competition can harm first of all the quality of the further development of Russian products. This point of view was supported by Nikolai Klimov. Regulator and SOAR There are three areas where the regulator requires the installation of SOAR: CII the financial and credit sector and government information systems GIS Roman Ovchinnikov said. At the same time there are no direct requirements from the regulator to use SOAR class solutions.

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There are only requirements from the FSTEC of Russia to transfer data to GosSOPKA when responding to incidents and similar FinCERT requirements for banking companies. At Bahamas Mobile Number List the same time Roman Ovchinnikov notes the automation of the transfer of information to the regulator can be restrained by the customer himself. For example companies in the field of CII prefer to first doublecheck information about incidents manually and only then send the data to the regulator. These companies are in no hurry to automate. Uncontrolled transfer of information about incidents to the regulator without understanding the essence of the problem is a fear that stops many.

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SOAR  SIEM: together or apart? Further Nikolai Klimov noted that it is wrong to attribute the entire logic of incident processing to SOAR. According to him first the task of identifying and classifying incidents should be solved at the SIEM level. It is there that a Business Lead complete picture of the incident should be formed. This requires the collection of related information infrastructure data for example. Not only information about IP addresses is subject to transfer it must reflect information about the owners of the asset and employees who may be involved in the incident. This information is constantly updated so not every.