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That even a seemingly insignificant outflow of buyers in the future turns into a serious negative indicator, a real threatening figure. For example, let’s take a hypothetical business with a thousand paying customers and an average check of 10 thousand rubles. With a 5% customer churn in 6 months, revenue will fall by more than 22%. Even for a small business, this is a serious loss. The Danger of Churn Rate for Business How to calculate churn rate The decline in revenue caused by customer churn is a key indicator of the “health” of a business, and to keep track of the situation in dynamics, minimizing losses, marketers use the Churn rate or customer churn rate. To calculate it, you need to divide the number of customers who left for a certain period by their total number at the beginning of this period.

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Churn Rate Formula The concept of “gone customer” is interpreted differently in different areas of business and, as Harvey McKay (New York Times bestselling author) said: “no company has an eternal monopoly on the client.” Therefore, a lost customer can be Uganda Mobile Number List considered a buyer who has stopped any interaction with your company: for example, he stopped shopping in an online store or using the services of a company. We will tell you more about this later. When analyzing the Churn rate, it is important to understand the churn structure: which customer.

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Segments are primarily affected by it and why, what factors most often cause customer loss, what is the churn dynamics. By controlling this indicator and developing a Business Lead customer retention strategy in a timely manner, a crisis situation can be avoided. Types of customer churn Despite the fact that customer churn is a negative factor for a business, you need to understand that it is impossible to completely avoid it. Because the outflow is natural and motivated. A natural churn is when customers leave due to circumstances that you cannot control.