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Corporate microlearning: the trend of learning through small

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The work environment is increasingly competitive. Not only at a business level, but more and more knowledge is to work in sectors that trend of learning are constantly evolving . In this way, the training of our team is vital for the growth of. A company, especially in the management of young talent . Microlearning can be the perfect complement to training programs within the company since it offers the possibility. Of providing the necessary information to workers in a concise and synthesiz way . Thus, we avoid overloading our company’s professionals with information . On the other hand, we ensure that they retain the training better and have access to it whenever they need it.ttis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

What is corporate microlearning

Microlearning , also call microlearning, consists of converting. Job training into much trend of learning more synthesiz and brief processes. This dynamic aims to promote quality training and learning among our employees, by changing Fax Lists some traditional. Practices such as the duration of these processes and the way in which they are taught. As a general rule, microlearning is bas on short periods. Rather than long videos or course presentations as was traditionally done . Microlearning sessions typically last less than ten minutes and may take just a few minutes to complete. When people learn large amounts of information, they retain it for a certain amount of time. However, if that information is not consider ‘crucial’ for the tasks you will perform.

Types of microlearning in a company

There are different work moments in which we can apply corporate microlearning . For example, this dynamic can be introduced in training processes. But also in onboardings for new members . However, depending Business Lead on the moment in which we integrate microlearning. We will have to learn to distribute the content, as well as choose what will be necessary for the specific case. Microlearning en onboarding In the same way that we ensure that the integration process of. A new worker is as complete as possible, we must also guarantee its functioning. For example, if we need to onboard a remote worker, it would be convenient to show information. About their job through short videos emphasizing the main tasks or actions they are going to perform. It will not be necessary to hold meetings for hours and hours where the worker has. To learn how to use a certain program or concepts that are not essential at the moment.

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