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The Importance of Sleep From an Islamic

Many people see sleep as an activity that we do without thinking much about it. We see the act of sleeping as a natural thing that happens to us and we don’t think much about how we can optimize it to double our physical energy.

No one can deny the restorative power that comes from a good night’s sleep. Therefore, understanding how we sleep and what we need to do to improve sleep quality is the key to being more productive. What is the Islamic perspective on the importance of sleep?

The Quran mentions the word sleep nawm in three places

The first example is found in the greatest verse in the Phone Number List Qur’an, the Ayat Kursi, where it mentions sleep in relation to the Power of God. God said: Allah, there is no God (who deserves to be worshipped) but Him, Who remains alive, Who remains forever and governs.

Those who are not sleepy should not sleep. Who owns everything in the heavens and everything on earth. No one can intercede (help) with Him except with His permission.

Those who know what is in front of them and what is behind them, while they do not know anything from (the content of) Allah’s knowledge except what Allah wants to tell him.

The breadth of Allah’s Seat His knowledge and His power covers the heavens and the earth

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There is no objection to God looking after and preserving Business Lead both of them. And He is the Most High (His degree of glory), and the Most Great His power  Surah al-Baqarah verse 255 One of the first qualities that God attributes to Himself is not being drowsy and not sleeping.

Stop and think about it for a moment.

Think About the Nights When We Can’t Stay. Awake and Are So Tired That We Desperately Need Sleep – and Think About God Who Never Sleeps.

It is a Great Image That Makes. Us Aware of the Power of God. There Are Also Other Meanings. That We Can Find, Including:  That He Always Sees Us. That He is Aware of Everything That Happens and That Every Work. Good or Bad, Will Not Escape His Sight.

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