Why Understanding the Dynamic of the Internet

Management MO Over the past  years the regulatory framework in the field of MO has been significantly improv. In particular a new version of the format for the exchange of electronic documents according to MO (Requirements for the organizational and technical interaction of state bodies and state organizations approv by order of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia and the Feral Security Service of Russia dat December   No.

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 New Rules for the exchange of documents in electronic form when organizing information interaction (approv by Decree of the Government of the Russian Feration of July   No. 1) requirements for the procure for maintaining regulatory reference information (NSI) of MO are currently being approv. Alexander Khonin head of the consulting and audit Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List department at Angara Security: Standardization is by default an important process as it allows you to regulate the “rules of the game. We see that many new documents regarding information security have been releas lately. Given the growing role of information security this is good news.

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ICT-Online What still nes to be done in terms of the formation of domestic IT standards in the near and more distant future? Give examples of the negative impact Business Lead of not having the right standards. Alexander Kazhanov (Digital Platforms and Smart City Solutions JSC): In our opinion it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that industrial automation lacks standards for working with mobile devices. APCS and mobile devices are still an impossible combination although.

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