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RAdds a representative of Alfa-Bank. According to Dvoryansky the decrease in the number of calls from intruders and the transition towards phishing activity is associate among other things with the development and widespread use of anti-fraud solutions. by banks and telecom operators as well as with the greater effectiveness of phishing for intruders. The success rate for phishing can be significantly higher than for phone calls. It is simply more profitable for attackers to use phishing. Resources in the current situation the expert believes. To protect funds from fraudsters banksRecommend not to disclose personal data and Information on a bank card to third parties including passwords and SMS codes from a banking application or personal account.

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Bank employees do not request such information. Use only truste sites when paying on the Internet as well as carefully check the links before clicking on them. If you suspect that the card details have become known to unauthorize persons block and reissue the carde buy wagons for Tongliao Phone Number List the warehouse. How scammers disguise themselves as office paper sellers Information security expert Dvoryansky told why it. Became dangerous to buy paper on the Internet Internet scammers. Began to pretend to be sellers of office paper information security experts told Gazettal.

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According to them in just two weeks more than new sites have appeared in Runlet that offer to buy printer paper in bulk providing victims with fake reviews and fake documents for making payments. Sometimes on such sites there are also offers to buy toilet paper. Experts attribute the growth in the number of fraudulent resources to the shortage of office paper in Russia – in a typical manner for attackers they decide to cash in on the problem using affordable and well-establishe means. White gold Dozens of fraudulent sites have appeare on Runlet that offer to buy printer paper at a bargain price. This was reporte to Gazetau by Igor Sergienko Deputy CEO.