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Ongoing legal support in various forms

That the correction of an entry in CEIDG takes place by way of a decision ex officio or upon request. It is also propos to add an optional condition for rectification of the entry. Which would enable the entry to be correct bas on information obtain from notaries and ongoing legalcourts. Currently, this option is only available in cases of incompatibility with other public registries. The project also provides for the possibility of correcting the entry ongoing legal regarding. The succession management in the event of receiving information from an authoriz entity that the data is incorrect.

Clarifying the regulations

Including in the field of succession management, trustee, information about craft qualifications. The project specifies what information regarding craft qualifications will be publish in CEIDG, The scope of information data subject to entry in CEIDG. Will also be determin regarding the statutory representative, in particular the trustee. The regulations regarding succession  management will also be improv, including regarding the indication of what activities. The succession administrator is entitl to perform in CEIDG Plann changes. In CEIDG – summary The draft amendment to the CEIDG Act is currently in the consultation process.

The scope of the plann changes

Is very extensive, and there is a visible tendency to automate all processes relat to business activity. The integration of available systems that record data on business activities should be assess positively. This should limit the time spent running around offices. However, the Business Lead plann changes also require changes in IT systems, which is one of the factors affecting the extension  of the process over time. The plann entry into force of procural provisions is to take place within months from the date of announcement of the Act, while the remaining provisions will enter into force on October , or on October , . The most important questions What is CEIDG.

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