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Only when I hired a coach for myself to whom

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 Companies have now woken up to the fact that they have to produce content in order to be found in search engines. Simple business card pages are not enough if you want customers through Google. , i.e. content production through the blog, has started. And that’s a good thing! But when that content is often completely pointless . Content is produced because they say it has to be produced. Blogs have articles on topics “We now have X-former-360 in the introductory offer -15%, welcome to try it!” “We now also have mugs in our selection!” “Look at the unusual opening hours for Easter!” “Our interior renovation is complete!”.

Therefore, content marketing

But does the customer need exactly this information to make a purchase decision? Does the customer search for this special data information on Google? Of course, these points should be used, for example, in social media posts – and even more so with pictures. Increase your website traffic by 1417% with this free method But what is the content that is really worth producing? The content that brings visitors to the site from search engines? can be found on the first page of the search engine is of particular interest to your target group get the visitor to spend time with your blog article and read other content leads the visitor to act: for example to contact, arrive, buy, order, whatever the goal is! So do you want more visitors from Google with the help of content production? Do this! Step 1 – define a relevant search term or question Think of one search term with which you hope your company’s pages will be found on search engines.

This is how you produce content that

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 Things worth mentioning in themselves. The search term does not have to be a single word, but for example a question that your customer often asks you . Or a question you’ve often come across on a forum or Facebook group related to your industry. For example: What is the best office chair for people with back problems? How do I post photos from my computer to Instagram? What is the best place for lunch in Tampere? Or some clear search term, for example related to locality or another feature, such as pallet Satakunta pizzeria home delivery Alavus a good website creator in southern Business Lead Ostrobothnia. Please note that you choose only one, very narrow topic area .

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