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Ways to Overcome Feeling Lazy to Exercise

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When we try to excuse ourselves for not exercising, our excuses seem pretty typical.

We see exercise as an annoying activity that has to be done that no one has time for and that we don’t really want to do.

I used to be this kind of person, struggling with exercise on a daily basis and finding it so annoying.

I used to think it was a waste of time and I’d rather be doing ‘more productive’ things like answering emails or writing articles.

But two key concepts have changed my perspective on the importance

Of exercise when it comes to productivity:
1. Exercise is not only about our body, it is Whatsapp Mobile Number List about our brain too

The latest scientific studies show that exercise not only helps our body, but also our brain.

If we want to improve our memory, our performance at school or work, reduce stress and be happier, then exercise is the key.

2. It’s not about the gym

People think exercise should be done in the gym.


Even any body movement counts as exercise.

We sit in the office for eight hours every day working in front of the computer and not moving our bodies

Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions maintained an active way of life that was useful to them until their old age.

Our problem is that we don’t exercise much but we also don’t move much

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It is Narrated That Umar Bin Al-khattab Said. Teach Business Lead Your Child to Swim, Archery and Ride a Horse. Which Are the Three Types of Sports. That Were Popular at That Time.

So the first step to start exercising is to move more.

In 2005, Levine published an interesting study that revolved around the concept of NEAT.

He monitored the activities of twenty individuals and found that the thin participants walked two hours more than the obese ones.

It is a total of more than 350 kcal calories per day which can lose weight by 13-18kg in one year.

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