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OF the key characteristics of cloud computing. In most traditional data centers Engineers’ access to servers is controlle at the physical level; in cloud environments they work via the Internet. Delimiting access control and ensuring transparency of changes at the system level is . one of the main criteria for protection.  Security and fintech Alexander Tovstolip Information Security Director FinTech Association spoke about security issues in the environment of open banking interfaces. Open APIs contribute to the development of healthy competition in the.

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financial market expanding the opportunities for consumers to choose purchase. And use financial products and services as well as the emergence of innovative solutions and the development of fundamentally new business models. Open APIs are actively Shandong Mobile Phone Number List ways against  developing all over the world. One of the most successful is the experience of developing Open API in the UK.  in which the functions of an open banking operator are performe by the OBIE.  (Open Banking Implementation Entity) establishe by large market participants. In our country the creation of an open banking environment is carrie out by the Bank of Russia andFinTech Association .

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Currently the Bank of Russia has release a number of standards for open APIs including in the field of information security. Alexander Tovstolip spoke in detail about these standards. According to him it is necessary to work out and refine approaches to Business Lead building a general. Market Infrastructure Of Open Apis To Ensure The Formation Of A Single Secure Interaction. Environment Reuce Costs And Complexity Of Integration For Market Participants. Ruslan Lozhkin Head Of Information Security Service Absolut Bank I Am Sure That The Development Of Industry . Has Le To A Change In The Approach To Ensuring Information Security.

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