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Perspective The Prophet SAW stood among

He said ‘Indeed the Great and Powerful God does not sleep, and it is not worthy for Him to sleep. He has the power to lower the scales of charity and raise them.

Practices at Night Are Brought Up to Him Before Practices During the Day. And the Practice of the Day (Brought Up) Before the Practice of the Night.

His Rule is Light – if He Reveals It. Surely the Majesty of His Essence Will Destroy. His Creatures as Far as His Sight — Hr Muslim a Story. Is Narrated That One Day. Prophet Musa Asked God if He Had Ever Slept.

Allah asked him to carry two buckets of water on his shoulders and stand up

After some time, Prophet Musa felt sleepy and as Database soon as he fell asleep, the bucket fell to the ground and the water spilled all over the place.

God told Moses, “O Moses, if I sleep, that is what will happen to the universe”. The second and third time the Quran mentions sleep is related to God’s love for mankind, describing sleep as a blessing. Allah says in the Qur’an: And We have created you in pairs? And We have made sleep for you rest?

Surah an-Naba verses 8–9 What can we conclude from this discussion? We can conclude that sleep is not a nuisance activity, but it is a sign of God’s power and a favor from Him. It is interesting to note that even with all the scientific advancements in modern times, no one really knows why we sleep!

According to Dr Andrew Meil  Father of Integrative Medicine who wrote an article in


The Time Magazine (2015) about the Power Business Lead of Sleep that: The brain is quite busy during sleep, interconnected with various bursts of brain activity every night.

Is this activity some kind of update to maintain its functions optimally? We don’t know. Perhaps the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness will always be a mystery: something we experience but will never fully understand 1 As Muslims, we believe that sleep is a blessing and like every other blessing.

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