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OF special bonuses for purchasing goods

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AT KotoPhoto Retail Rocket Solution Email communications from the Retail Rocket team are not only traditional, fail-safe scenarios, but also a completely individual approach to developing a mailing scheme for each online store. Thanks to the Data Warehouse and Campaign Management System modules, the audience of the KotoPhoto online hypermarket was segmented by interests, and the most relevant offers were formed for each client. The communications strategy combined: Bulk email campaigns aimed at increasing conversion and revenue; Automated campaigns that take into account the interests of each segment of the consumer audience; Trigger email chains based on customer behavior; Surveys aimed at collecting characteristics for customer segmentation; A reactivation scenario aimed at retaining subscribers and returning to the online store.

Mailing lists can purchase products more profitable

How to increase the loyalty of subscribers in the email channel by 1.5 times: the case of the KotoPhoto online hypermarket “In order to increase the main metrics in the email channel, you need to take into account the specifics of a particular online store and the behavior of its Uruguay Mobile Number List  customers. The reputation of “KotoPhoto” as the most attentive to customers online hypermarket should be confirmed by thoughtful email communication. Thanks to the artificial intelligence that manages all the modules of our platform, we have generated various types of mailing lists, segmenting.

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Than other customers  Firstly authorized subscribers

Buyers by interests, region of residence and other parameters ,” Alexander Khe, Retail Rocket Manager. Giving a positive first impression Working with new subscribers is a fundamental part of email marketing, which builds the perception of an online store by its Business Lead customers, loyalty and further interaction with each customer. As a rule, it is the welcome chain that is the first interaction that allows you to establish contact with the client. This is a series of letters sent one after another after a certain time. It allows you to build a trusting relationship with the subscriber, introduce the company’s advantages and talk about special offers.

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