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A source close to Rostelecom told Forbes that the creation of the joint venture will allow Rostelecom Solar not to protect individual sections of infrastructure that do not contain state secrets but to take over large projects of state-owned companies and departments as a whole. This will bring more money and will allow working in conjunction with a joint venture partner with whom it is easier to negotiate than with a third party the source said. According to him the new company will supply customers with secure equipment software and special equipment as well as certify information systems containing state secrets.

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The market for cybersecurity companies that have the right to work with state secrets is small since in addition to industry licenses from regulators such activities require a separate license from the FSB and this is a complex and lengthy process said Alexander Dvoryansky director of Hong Kong Phone Numbers List special projects at Angara Security. Companies seek to enter the market for the protection of state secrets because this way they gain access to government customers and companies with state participation that are not available to competitors he added. One button attack: who hacks the websites of Russian companies In total there are legal entities in Russia that have FSTEC licenses in the field of technical protection of information and are engaged in the protection of state secrets says.

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Ivan Utolin general director of the ISA security company working with the state secret. About large companies are engaged in comprehensive protection of such information he added. According to Utolin to work with state secrets licenses from the FSB and FSTEC are required which require production facilities special measuring equipment a certain list of documents and personnel with special qualifications. All this is costly for companieshe stressed. Compared to the civilian marketof information security the market for state secret protection services is smaller – this is a highly specialized area that imposes serious risks on both the company.

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