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To him potential victims of such fraud schemes are residents of the Russian Federation most often not the central region whose summer cottages or suburban areas are not equipped with a gas supply system. — In practice the process of bringing gas to the site is quite laborious and lengthy it is associated with the solution of many difficult issues and the adoption of important decisions in a particular region. Knowing this scammers use classical methods of social engineering and offer their potential victims on the Internet to artificially speed up this process for an appropriate reward which against the background of the total cost of the site gasification service may seem.

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Quite normal and feasible to the victims Alexey Pleshkov explained. Other major credit institutions did not respond to Izvestia’s request for fraud under the pretext of gasification. May schemes The topic of gasification of the population is one of the priorities of the state over the past Malta Mobile Number List two years recalled Evgenia Lazareva director of the Fund for the Rights of Borrowers. She noted: traditionally at the end of April in most of the territories of Russia citizens begin to carry out various works on their gardens and household plots including the planned summing up of communications.

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The legend for the implementation of this fraud scheme can be not only the connection of gas but also the supply to the water supply site as well as the replacement of drainage systems the expert said. In order not to scare away a potential victim with an offer that is too profitable Business Lead scammers start with of the cost taking into account preferential connection under the state program in the region on average this is thousand rubles. More diligent attackers after receiving this amount begin to inform the client about the need for additional payment due to the complexity of the terrain the need to correct design and technical.