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The ABC of Generating Sales Leads

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Convince the Bank of Russia to take their side in the issue of collecting biometric data from minors. The dispute regarding this has been going on for more than years when Sberbank announced the launch of the Ladoshki project under which schoolchildren could pay for their meals in schools using palm vein prints Kommersant reports. Roskomnadzor over the past few years has stated that the collection of biometric data from minors is illegal. In particular Alexander Zharov being the head of the department in said that biometrics can only be taken by citizens at a conscious age when a person can consent to the collection of such valuable data and their use.

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The head of Sberbank German Gref in turn argued that the law does not prohibit the collection of biometrics from children but consent can also be taken from parents. A draft law could end all disputes on this topic according to which the authors wanted to introduce amendments Indonesia Mobile Number List about the impossibility of submitting biometrics to minors in the federal legislation On Personal Data. It is now being considered in the State Duma. But the market reacted quite sharply to this document. For example the National Financial Market Council NSFR submitted to the Bank of Russia an opinion on a draft that criticized the rule banning the collection of biometric data from.

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Minors because if it is adopted it will actually become impossible for citizens under to receive remote banking services because such services can be obtained only under the condition of passing identification using the Unified Biometric System UBS. The Kommersant publication Business Lead notes that the idea of ​​filling the EBS with at least the data of minors since adults are extremely reluctant to provide their biometrics seems to have interested the Bank of Russia. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation supports the idea only that the ban on.

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